Winding Road Imagery: Blog en-us (C) Winding Road Imagery (Winding Road Imagery) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Winding Road Imagery: Blog 80 120 Never Truly Alone... I often feel poetic when I'm photographing? Stories unfold before our eyes sometimes, right? Today, that happened to me.

Whenever I find myself needing time to pray, meditate and such especially on the days that I feel lonely, isolated and such - I like to feel the warmth of the sun and the beauty around me - it relaxes me. There are times where I just feel alone in this not so big world.

At times, you can feel like there is a HUGE boulder or object in front of you keeping you from what you want most and you find yourself heavy-hearted, overwhelmed. Sometimes, we just need eyes to see that we have more strength around us than we ever thought we did and that strength comes from many places. Sometimes, we just need to look at things a little different. A new vantage point.

Then, when we finally open our hearts and minds, the boulders turn into little pebbles and the journey isn't as tough as we thought.

And, then it happens, togetherness - I hope you enjoy this mini-series I call, "Never truly alone." And, today I hope they find their way back to one another...


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Real-Time Weddings Real-Time Wedding

What makes a “real wedding” you may ask. It was a perfect fall day with gorgeous weather, family, and friends all coming together to celebrate Shane and Jessica’s love story and commitment to one another. The wedding included an intimate gathering at a private estate in Penn Valley, California. The day and time had arrived; all the months of planning were complete.

But it is in the first look that every couple has when all the anxiety is lifted and there is peace in the world.  You realize that your love is the reason for all the planning.  Today starts your daring new adventure together. A calmness fills the air and the wedding begins with peace in your hearts, joy on your faces and love from family and friends. 

The advice I always give my couples is this…”On the day of your wedding, all the plans and details are over. So, relax, let things go and most importantly just enjoy each other because, in the end, all you truly have is the sweet embrace of one another as you embark on this beautiful life and future together. Stop and take time to reflect on the moments and details of your day – you’ll remember them forever.”

In looking back on my own wedding day, a friend offered to make my wedding cake for the 400 guests as a wedding gift. I gave her detailed images of the cake I wanted and when I arrived at the reception – it was not what I had expected and at that moment, I was sad. As instantly as I held that emotion, I remembered those words of wedding day advice. I instantly realized the time, energy and love my friend dedicated to giving me such a generous gift. I looked back at our cake; it became the most beautiful cake in the world. The love that was poured into it couldn’t be bought or replaced and I was blessed. 

Weddings are all about perspective and in a recent poll with my Facebook tribe - I was amazed by the answers from the men in the group.  My favorite recommendation regarding the wedding day comes Eric Goetze when he shared, "Most people put a hundred times more time, energy and thought into planning their wedding day than they do into planning their marriage. The wedding is just one day - you've got 50+ years of marriage ahead of you. Plan for that!"  Words of wisdom from a very wise man and I completely agree.  This coming year, we're coming up on our 22nd anniversary and we have put a lot of love commitment and hard work towards making our life pretty wonderful.  My husband is amazing.  I can say that when I experienced Jess and Shane's wedding - I see this kind of future for them.  

Reflecting back on the perfect wedding day, Shane and Jessica beamed with contentment. It wasn’t about the food, the decorations or even the music that made their wedding perfect. It was their love and commitment to one another. According to Shane, “Our wedding day was a picture perfect day. It was magical and obviously the best day of my life.” That is what makes a “real wedding”. 


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Welcome to the World Dana Olivia Morgan

Well hello Ms. Dana - what a joy to capture you and all your sweetness!  

This week little angel, Dana arrived into this beautiful world on October 3, 2017 and what a joy to capture her newborn portraits.  She is wonderfully and perfectly made and is off to an adventure with her amazing parents Kristin & Shayne who love and adore every inch of her precious little self.  


Psalm 139:14....."Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it."

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I don't like to be told "No!" Meet "Big Blue!"

We had a stylized photoshoot for the "Postcards from Grass Valley Magazine" and I found this amazing truck that just had to be a part of it! The problem, I didn't know the owner. I finally tracked him down and got him to agree to letting me take it off his lot. He later said, he didn't know why he said yes, but I talked so fast and he became equally and wanted to be a part of it! We were on our way to fulfilling a beautiful vision!

BUT, then a few days later I sent my husband (who I often refer to him as our WRI Set Engineer (he knows how to make things happen that are technical or challenging). I was so devastated when he informed me that transporting it was a bigger deal than he could help with this past week with his work schedule. We coordinated 14 people (some were in the image and some were behind the scenes) and we only had 3 days to either get this truck out to the site or come up with a completely different concept.

There are times when I don't like taking "no" as an answer!

I love seeing the Grass Valley Chamber members doing whatever it takes to support other Grass Valley Chamber members. I talked with our CEO, Robin Davies and asked if we had any tow truck companies in our membership and yes we do, "Advantage Towing!!!" I contacted their staff who connected with the owner and they got back to me immediately with the best news of day - "YES WE CAN HELP!" We'd love to support this project!!

So, this beauty was picked up and delivered to our photoshoot site and the canvas was painted. I'll share the final image once the magazine is released - but check out this beauty!!!

A huge shout out to Tommy (Big blue's owner), Tony and his team at Advantage Towing and the rest of the individuals and businesses who participated in this stylized shoot!  It turned out perfect and when "no" turns into a "yes" - this Photographer is THRILLED!  



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Professional Headshots






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Justin & Sierra's Wedding Its a beautiful morning as I reflect back on this perfect day.  I LOVE every wedding we're able to capture but to be honest, this was the most memorable (outside of my own).  

The day before the wedding started with a ray of light captured in an image as my best friend walked down the pathway with her only son as she prepared her heart for what lies ahead.  Many of us saw this light in the image on social media and instantly felt Sonny's presence (Rosanne's late-husband and Justin's father who we lost many years ago to cancer).  

My husband Ken stood in the gap - the place we all knew would have been Sonny's place had he still been with us.  The high place of authority to marry our god-son to his beautiful bride.  There were tears (which was hard to see through in my lens), laughter, silence, beauty and a heavenly presence that no words could describe.  

I will be forever proud of my family as we welcomed Sierra into ours!  We love and adore you both today more than yesterday and the anticipation of even more tomorrow!  



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