I don't like to be told "No!"

October 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

Meet "Big Blue!"

We had a stylized photoshoot for the "Postcards from Grass Valley Magazine" and I found this amazing truck that just had to be a part of it! The problem, I didn't know the owner. I finally tracked him down and got him to agree to letting me take it off his lot. He later said, he didn't know why he said yes, but I talked so fast and he became equally and wanted to be a part of it! We were on our way to fulfilling a beautiful vision!

BUT, then a few days later I sent my husband (who I often refer to him as our WRI Set Engineer (he knows how to make things happen that are technical or challenging). I was so devastated when he informed me that transporting it was a bigger deal than he could help with this past week with his work schedule. We coordinated 14 people (some were in the image and some were behind the scenes) and we only had 3 days to either get this truck out to the site or come up with a completely different concept.

There are times when I don't like taking "no" as an answer!

I love seeing the Grass Valley Chamber members doing whatever it takes to support other Grass Valley Chamber members. I talked with our CEO, Robin Davies and asked if we had any tow truck companies in our membership and yes we do, "Advantage Towing!!!" I contacted their staff who connected with the owner and they got back to me immediately with the best news of day - "YES WE CAN HELP!" We'd love to support this project!!

So, this beauty was picked up and delivered to our photoshoot site and the canvas was painted. I'll share the final image once the magazine is released - but check out this beauty!!!

A huge shout out to Tommy (Big blue's owner), Tony and his team at Advantage Towing and the rest of the individuals and businesses who participated in this stylized shoot!  It turned out perfect and when "no" turns into a "yes" - this Photographer is THRILLED!  




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